Dimlux Expert Series - 315w CDM Full Spectrum - Boost to 380 Watts 706 ?mol/s

The most advanced and complete lighting system on the market!

The Dimlux 315 full fixture consists of an ultra-durable digital ballast with as many as 7 power settings from 165w to 380w

Ontop of the 7 power settings, coupled with a Dimlux Maxicontroller, theres no need for contactor relays.

The average rated life of the Full Spectrum and Agro bulbs are 16,000 hours with 80% light-output remaining

Passively cooled reflector design allows for easy removal, for cleaning and lamp replacement. It can also be coupled with ducting to assist the removal of heat directly from the reflector

  • Ability to daisy chain upto 160 ballasts with a single controller (Maxi Controller)
  • Choice of Elite (Blue) or Agro (Red) 315W CMH lamps

Alpha Optics 98 reflector (Included) - Passively Cooled

  • Designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver Mirrors
  • High level of efficiency (98%)
  • Thanks to do the open reflector design. the lamp is passively cooled, which improves both the service life and efficiency of the lamp
  • Warm air can actively be extracted through a 50mm connection on the reflector which reduces the room temperature significantly

In addition, available separately add-on reflectors can be installed to further reduce wall losses

Dimlux 315w CDM Full Spectrum

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