Hydro A and B together contain all nutrients required for growth and early bloom in any medium. N-P2O5-K2O: 0.7-5.7-6.3 | (N-P-K: 0.7-2.5-5.2) Benefits Visibly improves the optimum condition of the plant. Enough potassium to achieve high growth. sufficient phosphorus for continued root growth. sufficient magnesium for optimum synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins. Adapted for optimal flowering burst. Contains only the purest raw materials. no expiration date. Use Hydro A and B are used from the start until the end of the growth according to the grow schedule. In the final phase an additional bloom stimulator is recommended. When 2 mixing tanks are used mix Hydro B in the B tank, when 1 mixing tank is used mix Hydro A and Hydro B together in sufficient water. Do not leave the prepared water. Preferably use water at room temperature. Water every day as needed. Be careful not to overdose.

Biogreen - Hydro AB

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