Biozym is a high-quality enzyme product which promotes waste products' breakdown processes and restores the soil structure. Benefits ? BioZym is the catalyst of plant waste products' breakdown processes. ? BioZym stimulates the microbiological life and restores the soil structure. ? BioZym stimulates root growth and mineral absorption. ? BioZym is completely environmental safe. ? Best-before date. Use BioZym is suitable for all types of grow mediums like rockwool, soil, perlite, coconut bre, etc. It can simply be mixed with the regular nutrients. Mixing: 1 litre BioZym is suf cient for 1000 litres. Week 1 - 4 1 ml / Ltr Week 5 - 8 1,5 ml / Ltr Store in a dark, frost-free place. In the event of eye contact rinse eyes immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Biogreen - Biozym

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