Guerrilla Tabs are a 100% organic, slow release fertilizer with an NPK of 15-7-8. They help improve the condition of the soil using microbes while feeding the plant at the same time. Suitable for use both indoor and out and with a wide variety of plants including fruit, vegetable, trees and shrubs. They contain a wide range of ingredients for plant health including fish meal, feather meal, kelp and bacteria

Guerrilla Tabs are available in packs of 20 or in a bucket 200. Use 4 Tabs per 10L pot, 6 Tabs per 20L pot and 8 Tabs per 30L pot. Push the tabs 5cm below the surface of the soil and water as normal.

These are a great product is you have a busy lifestyle and cannot visit your garden much. There is no need to measure EC and pH.

They are also perfect for use in any hydro system, in which you would only use water in the tank. Everything the plant needs is in the tablets and so you can leave the system running a long time without checking up on it!k!

Bio Tabs Guerrilla Tabs

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