The Guerrilla Box  will get the most out of your plants, organically of course. The Guerrilla tabs and Juice combined will harness the richness of the soil provided by Nature itself. The Guerrilla Box is used for indoor and outdoor growing.

Box contains:

Guerrilla tabs (20 tabs)

Guerrilla tabs are slow-release fertilizer tablets that improve the microbiological activity in the soil, creating the optimal conditions for growing big and healthy plants.

Guerrilla juice (500 ml)

Guerrilla juice is a liquid fertilizer that stimulates a healthy soil and optimal growing conditions. This means you'll yield healthy plants with plenty of flower power.

100% organic growing

All products under the Biotabs brand are 100% organic and will not harm the environment or the grower, unlike certain industrial fertilizers do. There is no greater power than that of nature itself, so why not utilize it to do the work for you?

Bio Tabs Guerrilla Box

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