The Autopot Flexitank Pro is a new product that offers improvements over the original design. While the Flexitank is perfectly adequate for the job in hand, the Pro version does step it up a notch! The white colouring makes the tank reflective to light and heat, making the contents less likely to develop algae and the like.

The Autopot Flexitank Pro consists of a very strong material that is highly resistant to tearing. Always a good thing when it's full of water! The inside of the tank has capacity markings which allows accurate dosing of nutrients.

These tanks are easy to assemble, achievable by one person in minutes. The Autopot Flexitank Pro has an anti-tip design which keeps it nice and stable in the grow room. Every tank comes complete with all of the fittings you need to set up and go. There are 3 sizes available, 100L, 225L and 400L. At the moment we order these tanks in as you need. As such, there will be a little delay but we'll always get them as quickly as we can!

AutoPot PRO Flexi Tank

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