The TRIPLE STACK! Happy to bring you the holy trinity at The Hydro Bros.  Contact us direct on Instagram for quicker response and custom purchases, or if you've any questions! We delivery to UK, Europe and Beyond! 


Save £££ with this triple combo! You get Athena Stack (0.9L) , Athena IPM (0.9L) and Power Si (500ml)   Spray 7 days before you flip to week 3 of flower, once a week 


As a foliar spraying just PowerSi and Athena Stack gives you a faster transition into bloom, combined with tighter internode spacing and increased lateral branching.  Adding the IPM ensures you're plants stay fit healthy bug free.  IPM = INTEGRATED. PEST. MANAGEMENT. @thehydrobros #athenanutrients

Athena Stack + IPM + Power Si Silicic Acid Silica