Athena IPM is a complete pest management formula that kills many soft-bodied insects and mildew on contact. When used as directed Athena IPM penetrates plant crevices and leaf surfaces where unwanted biotic infections seek to colonize.


Instructions for use

  • Complete powdery mildew management: Control, Killer & Cure

  • 100% Organic microbial exudates (enzymes)

  • NO artificial pesticides or fungicides

  • Derived from inputs grown in the USA

  • Can be used from seedling to harvest

  • EPA 25(b) Exempt product with proven safe ingredients


What to expect

Athena IPM dissolves protective membranes protecting insects and molds. They cannot develop resistance to this mechanical mode of action. Using natural compounds to combat mildew pressure minimizes the stress on your plants.

Instead of your plants fighting biotic stress, they can more efficiently use energy for vegetative growth and flower production. Increasing harvest quality and yields, without any harmful or dangerous chemicals.

Effective Against

Spider Mites Two-Spotted Spider Mites Southern Red Mites
Broad Mites Red Spider Mites Thrips
Mole Crickets Mosquito Larva European Red Mites
Aphids Chiggers Whitefly


Powdery Mildew Downey Mildew  


How to Use


Mix in clean water and spray at first sign of mildew. Spray with lights off or just before they come on. Cover leaf surface thoroughly, top and bottom.


Application Ratio Instructions
Preventative 50-60 ml per gallon Spray 2-3 times weekly
Treatment 90-120 ml per gallon Spray on first sign of pests or mildew, then every 2 days until pest pressure is gone.


Athena IPM



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