A 2 metre long mains cable for feeding an IEC plug (kettle type) such as those found on ballasts, reflectors, some fans and various other types of electrical equipment.

  • 2 metres long
  • Moulded mains plug with 5 Amp fuse
  • Provides power to an IEC (kettle-type) plug
  • Mains Cable 2m - Moulded 5 Amp Plug to Female IEC Plug

2m Kettle Lead

SKU: 06_1997

The 2 metre long mains cable with moulded 5 Amp Plug and Female IEC Plug transfers mains power from a 13 Amp mains socket to a device with an IEC male inlet. This type of lead is commonly referred to as a kettle lead although this particular version should not be used for this as most kettles require more than 5 Amps and would cause this lead to be overloaded. This type of lead has a variety of uses such as providing power to a ballast or various types of electrical equipment up to 1150 Watts. 

This lead can also be used to provide power to a reflector when using a Compact Fluorescent Lamp which runs directly from the mains. However, it should never be used to provide mains directly to a HPS or MH lamp as these require their power to come from a suitable ballast. Plugging any type of HID lamp directly to the mains may cause fire, explosion, damage or risk of electric shock.


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