Hydrotops Coco Bloom AB


Size: 1L
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HydroTops Bio-Organic Nutrient - Coco Bloom 2 part Nutrient. Hydrotops Bloom nutrient concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering and fruit bearing plants during the Flowering stage of the cultivation cycle.

These formulations ensure your plants are able to assimilate the correct balance and ratio of nutrition to produce a good branch structure to allow for the development of a maximum floral set during flowering. The choice of chemical compounds and the correct ionic profile of the nutrient ensure a stable pH level throughout the life of the nutrient solution.

Hydrotops coco bloom is a tailor-made nutrient formulation for UK local water. It produces near perfect results with some of the best yields we have seen from any company or brand. Hydrotops comes highly recommended.

Hydrotops coco bloom is a 2 part Nutrient, You need to use equal doses of part a+b

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