Grow Genius Mono Silicic Acid


Size: 10ml
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Silicon - the unsung hero of your nutrient programme! Grow Genius Mono is hands down the best quality and best value plant silicon around!

Grow-Genius Mono Silicic Acid will give you strong, healthy, and bigger plants that have a natural resistance against pathogens and pests. This product is compatible in Soil, Coco, and Hydro systems. It is a ultra fast acting silicon nutrient that is scientifically proven to increase root mass, leaf size, and brix content.

Multiple jobs? Save money by buying volume and decanting into smaller HDPE 250ml bottles .

Benefits of using Grow Genius Mono Silicic Acid:

  • Improves plant structure.
  • Increases yield.
  • Stronger and healthier plants.
  • Scientifically proven design.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Strong dilution ratio.
  • Use alongside any nutrient range.
  • Builds plant’s up to have a natural resistance to pathogens, pests, and heat fluctuations.
  • Biodegradable.

How to use:

  • Use 0.3ml/10L of solution and 0.5ml/L as a fortnightly foliar spray.
  • 10ml – will make 333L of solution/ 20L foliar spray.
  • 100ml – will make 3,333L of solution/ 200L foliar spray.
  • 250ml – will make 8,333L of solution/ 500L foliar spray.
  • 500ml – will make 16,666L of solution/ 1,000L foliar spray.
  • 1 Litre – will make 33,333L of solution/ 2,000L foliar spray.

Does Grow-Genius 40% mono-silicic affect pH?

No. It is completely neutral. Add it before or after nutrients and final adjustment. Whatever suits you.

Does Grow-Genius 40% mono-silicic have a shelf life restriction?

No. GG mono is completely stable until mixed with water. It does not decompose or loose effectiveness over time, however, we would recommend using it within three years of purchase to ensure the bottle remains in good condition as any water ingress will damage the product.

Why do you say feed AND foliar spray with GG mono? What if I can only do one?

No problem! We say do both because foliar biases silicon slightly towards leaves, and when applied via irrigation there is a slight bias towards the internals of the plant. So ideally do both. BUT: One of the unique attributes of mono is the ability to provide plant-wide benefits via foliar application alone.

Other forms of silicon only provide system wide protection and faster growth via irrigation. Why? Again, because they have to be turned into mono first before they work….not so with mono. So if you can only irrigate, or only spray: no problem! You’ll still get plant-wide benefits and protection with Grow-Genius.

Is Grow-Genius 40% mono-silicic TOO STRONG???

No. Monosilicic acid isn't harmful to plants in excess: it's just wasted if you use too much. We recommend the dose we do because it's optimal for silicon loving plants when applied weekly (most competing brands require more frequent application).

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