Athena Tissue Culture Kit


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31aug update: Due beginning of October . Very very limited numbers expected. 

Store and preserve all your cultivars in a very small space. The Athena Tissue Culture Procedure reinvigorates old genetics and cleans plant material to outgrow infections like hop latent viroid (HLV).

Culture Kit includes everything you need to learn and perform effective tissue culture anywhere you are. The portable Flow Hood and Autoclave are purpose-built to perform consistent and clean tissue culture operations. An integrated toolbox contains all the tools, instruments and tissue culture media to make 120 Culture Vessels (refills available).
Flow Hood provides a large workspace with face velocity of 0.5 - 0.9 m/s
Purpose-built autoclave with one-touch sterilizing operation
Contains pre-formulated tissue culture media mixes: Roots and Shoots
Media formulas contain all ingredients, just add water
Detailed step-by-step Procedure to perform successful tissue culture

See Athena Tissue Culture Procedure integrated into toolbox lid.

Culture Kit is available for shipping worldwide starting January 2023.

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